Coached by daryl


Owner / Coach
Hey, I’m Daryl! Owner of Coached By Daryl and Co-Owner here at Evolution Of Fitness. I’m a big advocate for strength training, weight management and mental health. I personally train mainly in the Powerlifting/S&C domain and love it. My clients […]


Owner / Coach
Hey, I’m Ricky. I am the owner of Resalve and co-owner here at Evolution Of Fitness. I come from a calisthenics and functional movement background and have mixed these varied styles, along with a healthy dose of traditional weight lifting to form my own brand of fitness that I refer to as, […]
Resalve - Ricky
rik EOF


Calisthenics Coach / Personal Trainer
My name’s Rik and I’m a Fitness coach specialising in Calisthenics and weight management. I like handstands, chicken wings, sunglasses and superhero stuff. I have been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years, having helped people start their […]


Pole Fitness Coach

Hi I’m Ashleigh. I teach pole fitness and strength & conditioning.

I started my fitness journey 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to do something fun to stay fit. I started going to pole fitness classes and […]

Ash Pole


Fitness Coach

Hi, I’m Megan!

I’ve been into fitness for as long as I can remember. Towards the back end of covid I found calisthenics, and […]

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We aim to know each and every member personally so you are never just a number.

24/7 Gym

We have a diverse range of classes for people to try as well as an open gym available to use!

Incredible Community

We run periodic socials, inter-gym events and have our own community chat group so everybody feels part of EOF.

Capped Memberships

We have a limit on gym memberships. So we can ensure equipment is readily available to you whenever you need it.

Friendly Coaches

Everybody receives support from our coaches the moment you walk in. Nobody gets left behind.

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Come try your first trial class for FREE. If you want to try ANY Session, pop us a message saying “TRIAL”.

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